Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Top Picks For Infant Toys

                       TOP PICKS FOR INFANT TOYS 

Here are my TOP PICKS for my infant son Jayce. I will be adding to this list from time to time!

 I am a mother of three. In January of 2014 I had my son Jayce. It was five years since I had a baby in the house so I had to re-learn the toys and things to get for my son! I started researching the web on the best products to get for him. I bought a few and I am always buying things! He is only 2 months now, but it is only a matter of time before he is using all of this! Toys can be a great way to keep your baby entertained and help them learn new things! With that said I am on the lookout for baby toys that stood out for their educational value, uniqueness, and overall fun!

This list is not in order of favorites! There is far too many that I love to pick a favorite!

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile


                    This is such a wonderful device for your growing baby!
I love the 3 volume selections! As well
as the 3 categories of music to choose from!

    Although not necessarily a toy that your little one can play with, I couldn't pass up showcasing this mobile. It will take your child from infant to toddler-hood. This mobile can hang on baby's crib and play soft sounds. But what separates this from other crib mobiles is the amazing projections that it displays on the ceiling of your child's room. Once your baby is older, This mobile can be used as a night light that sits on the table and projects stars onto the ceiling! I bought this cute little mobile last week and it is so great! Now my 5 year old daughter is begging for one! I give this a 9 out of 10 on Mobiles for baby!

Haba Aircraft Swing

So cute to watch your baby FLY HIGH in this little aircraft!

 My daughter took this box and pretends it is her personal boat/ airplane/ car!

Swings can be so much fun for babies. I love this aircraft 
swing that makes baby look like he's the pilot to his own
airplane. It comes with straps to keep your baby 
inside and is made from a washable polyester so that you 
can clean up from the inevitable mess that babies are notorious 
for! It took seconds for my husband to set this up. I really never take it down because it makes the living room look so kid friendly and cute! It wasn't pricey and I feel safe putting my little one in this! He may be too small now but he is growing like a weed!!

Wonderworld Peek-a-Boo Ball

So cute to watch your babies reaction when the faces POP out!


Don't let some pictures fool you, it is quite small! 

         This ball may look simple but it can provide entertainment for the longest time. As you turn the ball around, the little friendly faces play peek-a-boo from the holes in the ball. This is a fun toy that baby can roll around and crawl after or that you can roll back and forth with your baby. The toy is made with safe, non-toxic colors. And for babies who love to put everything in their mouth, the ball is saliva resistant! I love, love, love this!

Tiny Love Gymini Activity Mat

So cute and fun for your little one!


Grab a Tiny Love Activity Mat today!

     I saw this at a Toy Fair and knew that it was worth blogging about because of the longevity of the product. Most activity mats can be used for only a short period of time, but this one can be used well beyond the baby years. The sides of the mat fold up so that your child can use it like a tent. The outside flaps have activities to keep your little one entertained. Learn numbers, play peek-a-boo with the mirror and find different animals hiding inside! This is such an awesome activity mat, I wish they had this when my son and daughter were babies!

I have just begun to scratch the surface on baby toys! Be sure to check back for more updates!

Rimmel London Scandaleyes "Show off" Mascara

I would like to start off by saying I was sent this product for free. I won it in a contest. I was not asked to review this product in any way! Now lets get to talking about this AMAZING make-up shall we??

 Let me tell you, when it comes to mascara, I am as picky as it gets! I have very long eyelashes but not too many mascaras will keep the volume and have them stay curled! Plus a lot of mascara these days clump so badly it makes you look "clown-like". Have you ever seen a person with a ridiculous clumping mascara nightmare? I HAVE! I vowed to always stay picky on what I use and keep my lashes sexy, long and brilliant looking with volume that lasts all day and night!!

With a brand new over-sized brush and innovative formula, be prepared to say hello to lashes you never knew you had. Shaped, plumped, and exaggerated to perfection.

                                                  "Volume so loud your lashes will scream!"

    Now I have read some reviews on this mascara and the main complaint was "It doesn't keep my curl!". I find this very hard to believe. I think either they are not using a good eyelash curler, or they just do not put mascara on the right way. Either way I did not have this problem in any way! Not only did it hold my curl all day long, but when I woke up in the morning (forgot to remove my make-up) it still had it's curl! Below is a picture of before the mascara and after! I think you will see what I am talking about!

There is NO clumps, so much volume and it really makes dull eyes POP OUT at you! Good for any time of the day or night! 
It has a bold black color to it and really makes your lashes pop! All you need is two coats,
or else it will seem clumpy. I love how it makes my eyelashes look. 
My only complaint is that the brush doesn't seem to be that great for my lower lashes, it makes them clump a little and I end up with a lot of excess mascara under my eyes... even if its easy to clean up, its not always that fun. All in all taking all this in, I am pretty much IN-LOVE! As long as you know what you are doing, you will love this! I am a big fan of Rimmel London these days. I will definitely continue using this mascara until they one up themselves and come out with an even better one! I highly recommend this!


  • Adds Volume
  • Applies Evenly
  • Defines & Separates
  • Doesn't Clump
  • Great Brush
  • Lengthens


I rate this make-up 8 out of 10!

(I was not paid or asked to give this a good review)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The First Years GumDrop Simple Serve Bottle Warmer Review


        I have been using this bottle warmer for a week now and I will start off by saying that after you purchase this product you will never, ever want to go without this product again! 

TO USE: Take the bottle from the chill compartment (complete with ice pack), place it
 with a cap full of pre-measured water in the warming compartment and hit a button! It starts to warm immediately, so change your baby's diaper and by the time you are done, voila! It is that simple!

Benefits of using it:
No late night trips to the kitchen to get bottles. Fits perfectly in the baby's room or on your 
nightstand. It was so simple to fill and use. It can be used in the dark with it's built in night 
light. It was so easy to figure out and start using! This will keep bottles cold and heats bottles faster than you can change the diaper! It works with Avent bottles which is a common favorite among all mothers. It also shuts off by itself which us tired mothers will constantly forget to do!

Another great perk to the product is I like to take trips with my family. It doesn't come with a car adapter but one will fit into it. I bought an AC adapter for the car just for this product! It saves me from having to stop a million times! This is a Godsend product for mothers! 

I am always buying new and cool products for my newborn baby and I have to say it is by far my favorite out of all of them! I used to feel so over tired when waking up in the middle of the night with my baby and now since using this product it is so fast and simple to get his bottle and get it warmed up, it was like I never had to wake up in the middle of the night to feed him! I urge ALL MOTHERS who are over tired from waking up with their baby at night, to try this product. You will feel the same as I! Two thumbs up and 5 star quality!

You can purchase this AWESOME product from The First years website. Also check out all their other feeding products! Just click the link below!
The First Years Feeding Products

A little about myself and my reviews

Hello all!
I first would like to tell everyone that I am in the product testing world. I get products sent to me from all different companies and all I am asked to do is give a review, GOOD OR BAD of how I feel about the product. Never am I asked to give them a good review. Anything I write comes straight from me. I would never give a fake review to appease anyone! So, with that said I would like to give you my honest opinions about various products and I will inform you of ones I got for free, and ones I bought on my own.
I know a lot of people depend on product reviews to make their next big or small purchase so if there was anything I didn't quite like, even if I loved the product, I will mention that as well!